Wait, what?

As everyone has heard we had our first COVID-19 cases linked to our Board. We are very appreciative to the dedicated staff at the Middlesex London Heath Unit for their expertise and for their work with us throughout the weekend. Thank you to our Senior Team, to our administrators, staff, parents, and students. Through a collective effort contact tracing is taking place and we are working together to stop the spread.
With Halloween upon us, it is important that we all take those extra precautions to celebrate safely. Our Health Units have provided excellent suggestions for a safe and ‘spook-tacular’ Halloween.

Over the course of the past few weeks our Secondary Schools have held their ‘virtual’ Graduation Ceremonies and have arranged for the safe distribution of diplomas (outside and physically distanced). To all our graduates we extend our best wishes and God-speed.
A few years ago, Dean James Ryan (now President of the University of Virginia) delivered a commencement address to the graduates of the Harvard School of Education, his address went viral. In it he identifies five essential questions. I have shared these previously with graduates and they worth sharing once again.
His first question: “Wait, what?” It is the question, he says, that is at the root of all understanding. It’s making sure we understand what the other is saying. Wait, what?
The second is “I wonder …,” which can be paired with, I wonder if . . . I wonder why . . . This question gets to the heart of all curiosity and invites us to remain curious. It asks us how we might improve our world.
The third question: “Couldn’t we at least …” “Couldn’t we at least agree?” or “Couldn’t we at least get started?” — This question is the beginning of all progress; it is the start of any improvement. Couldn’t we at least . . .
The fourth question, “How I can help?” This question is the base of all good relationships, it is the instinct to lend a hand and do so with humility. It is a reminder to us, that not only is it important to help, but it really matters how we help.
And the last question, “What truly matters?” This question gets to the heart of life. What truly matters? I would suggest, it is our faith in God and our love of family and friends.
Wait, what!
I wonder if? . . . I wonder why?
Couldn’t we at least?
How can I help?
What truly matters?