School Council

​​​Catholic School Councils give parents, staff and other community partners the opportunity to have a positive influence on our Catholic identity, student achievement and school climate.  Catholic School Councils engage in valued discussions in an advisory capacity with the principal and school board, in support of their children’s education.

Catholic School Councils are comprised of a dedicated team of parent representatives, a teacher, non-teaching staff member, a community representative a Parish representative and the principal. In keeping with the document, School Councils - A Guide for Members, elections for the Council Executive are held at the beginning of the school year. All meetings are open to parents and members of the community.

Catholic School Council Executive 2023-2024

Co-Chairs:   J. Charabin and D. Evans

Secretary:  H. Paterson

Treasurer:  I. Bilovous

Fundraising Committee:     U. Ajogwu, M. Drygas, T. Bodejo, N. Fordyce, A. Gehl, K. Hoover, O. Onunkwo, M. Lengyell, P. Lajoie, H. Paterson, A. Rosehart, S. Matthews         

MInutes of Council Meetings 2023-2024